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  • Spinning®

    SPINNING is an aerobic exercise that takes place on a specially designed stationary bicycle. As you pedal, motivating music plays and the instructor guides you through a series of hills, sprints and jumps. During the class you vary your pace -- sometimes pedaling as fast as you can, other times cranking up the tension and pedaling slowly from a standing position. This helps you to focus inwardly and work on your mind as well as your body. Spinning burns serious calories (about 500 in 45 minutes) and offers an awesome aerobic workout that makes your heart pump fast. It also tones your quads, outer thigh muscles, abs, and arms like nobody's business! And although you follow the general instructions of the Spinning teacher, you are in control when it comes to your pace. You can finish a Spin class, regardless of your fitness level, simply by adjusting your pace or the tension knob on the bike!

  • Pilates

    PILATES is a complete process which focuses on lengthening and strengthening your center (abdominals and back) resulting in beautiful posture alignment and structure. Other benefits include:

    • Toning and building long, lean muscles without the bulk
    • Increasing your energy and flexibility
    • Reducing stress and relieving tension
    • Improving sports performance
    • Enhancing mobility, agility and stamina

    Pilates Reformer Plus

    The Pilates Reformer class is interval style and includes a mix of work on the Jump Board as well as the Yoga Wall. It is a full body workout that is centered around the core. This class is a fast paced, toning sequence that will work every part of your body.

  • Strength Training

    Strength Training helps prevent injury by strengthening muscles, increasing bone density and has been proven to increase metabolic rate. The more muscle you’ve got, the more calories you’ll burn...even at rest. This class is 50 minutes of action and play! Fitness equipment may include stability balls, gliding disks, bands, rubber balls and the grown-up dumb bells and body bars for the more mature audience.


    This customized TRX strength training program will help you take your fitness to the next level! Experience semi-private training at an incredible rate and guaranteed results! This program is limited to 6 participants to ensure personal attention and a comfortable training environment.

    Born in the U.S. Navy SEALS and developed by Fitness Anywhere®, Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise. Easily set up the portable TRX® Suspension Trainer™ and you’re in control. Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose


    Kettlebells are used to perform explosive and static exercises that combine cardio, strength and flexibility training. Get a strength and cardio workout in one! This class is great for all levels of fitness.

  • Core Barre

    This class blends ballet barre conditioning, yoga postures, mat work and strength training exercises to create a lean physique while improving flexibility and core strength. Be prepared to use a variety of props including the ballet barre, free weights, resistance balls and more.

  • Indo-Row®

    Indo-Row™ all started at Revolution Fitness with Josh Crosby, and has now taken the country by storm! Recently featured on Extra!, Fox and Friends and CNN, Indo-Row™ is launching in clubs throughout the United States! Throughout it all, Revolution is still the original home of Indo-Row™. Josh continues to teach many classes and to bring only the best of the best instructors to Revolution. Indo-Row™ has been hailed as "a full body workout....from shoulders to calves" by The New York Times and "a great cross-training workout for cyclists or runners" by The Los Angeles Times. Using all major muscle groups, the cardiovascular system and the mind, Indo-Row is a leg, core and arm-toning workout that synchronizes everyone as a team, is easy to learn and delivers big results. Those of you who have always wondered what it's all about...don't miss this opportunity to try an Indo-Row™ class at Revolution! Experience 50 minutes of indoor rowing with your "crew" and shake up your normal workout routine with something new!

    It’s fun, easy to learn from the first stroke and you won’t believe the results! From total muscle tone, to 85 pound weight losses, to improved self-esteem, the benefits of Indo-Row™ are totally undeniable and attainable!

  • Yoga

    Experience the fusion of strength, flexibility, and balance with this dynamic 50-minute flow series. Regular yoga practice can help reduce your risk of injury and prevent muscular imbalances associated with over-training. Bonus: Yoga enhances your sport performance, improve posture/alignment, and perfect your spin form with yoga. Yogi virgins welcome!


    Also called Taoist Yoga, this discipline employs holding poses much longer than traditional yoga. It facilitates deep stretching of connective tissue giving permanent sustained results. This class will focus primarily on opening the hips. Great for athletes and beginners alike!

    Sculpt Yoga

    Vinyasa flow yoga with a twist! Take your practice to the next level and tone and sculpt every major muscle group. Using free weights in our FLOW Yoga sequence will build your strength, endurance and boost your metabolism. Expect lunges, squats plus arm, chest and shoulder strengtheners to develop lean muscle mass while creating resistance and power in yoga postures. A total body workout!

    Flow Yoga

    This class is for all levels -- beginners and experienced yoga students. In this vinyasa flow class, focus is placed on precise body alignment, breath awareness and fluid movement. Flow yoga does it all- upper body, abs, hips and spine elongation! Stretch and tone your whole body in this class!

  • REVive

    This intimate group class provides students with tools* and techniques that help dissolve muscle and fascial tension brought on by overuse, muscle imbalances, scar tissue formation following injury, and the stresses of daily living. Participants receive their own pair of YTU Therapy Balls and learn specific techniques to treat their unique "problem issues" that prevent optimal performance, create imbalances and lead to pain. Learn to find body blind spots and promote healing for a lifetime!
    *(YogaTuneUp®Therapy Balls, TheGrid® Roller, and other props)


Leave feeling strong and confident every time.

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